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Randell Carlson: 2018 Candidate for Oregon State Representative District 32

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The Platform

Serving The Community

Randell has been part of this community for years, he understands the many differing needs of this coastal community.  From the timbered areas, the fishing and marine industries, the tourist industry - all with special needs, but keeps  the community which it surrounds as the focus.

A better governmental transparency and improved community involvement in the issues that affect our District are in Randell's top priority list.

"It is the people who need to be leading and affecting governmental direction, not the other way around" - Randell Carlson

"I am a hard-working community member, who truly enjoys our district. I’m Libertarian because the R's and D's do not represent the People any longer. There’s a disconnect between State government and the community. 

Our district has diverse and complex needs which are better left to locals to resolve rather than some distant uninformed committee's verdicts. 

As your Representative:

  • I will work to bind legislation to the needs of the people, not the other way around. 
  • I’ll be an open, diligent and committed advocate to ensure boundaries of what government should and should not be involved in are not overstepped.
  • I am someone who doesn’t believe that making new laws are the only way to handle issues. 
  • I believe in empowering those closest to the issue or remove those roadblocks – across the board.
  • I’ll show that defeating bad legislation is just as important as passing good.
  • I’ll work to earn your trust and respect. 

I will enforce transparency at all levels of government, as well as make sure our District is protected and well represented when lawmakers try and pass legislation from across the State. 

We have a complex mix of industries; Fishing, tourism, timber, ranching and farming. We don't need blind government from across the state telling us to change and conform - I say it’s time for our government to change. 

And while we are changing, let’s remove the D's and R's and even L's. Let’s make people at all levels accountable and held to their actions. Let’s make government work for the people again, not the other way around.

-Randell Carlson"

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